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Improve Stress Resilience - The Cardio Wave Analyzer

The core technology of HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and APG (Accelerated Plethysmography) has been featured in over 10 thousand published studies.  The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Analyzer provides tools for non-invasive assessment of the cardiovascular system. The focus is on the measurement of arterial stiffness and the way the ANS is functioning.

Resilience - A Key to Fulfillment

Certified HeartMath Coach/Mentor

This process increases self-awareness and the ability to more intelligently self-regulate your energy.

Understand Your Body

ZYTO scan reports introduce a new perspective about your unique biological coherence, enabling a more complete picture of wellness. Knowing more about your individual wellness can make all the difference in understanding your bodies needs. We recommend using the doTERRA  products with the ZYTO software for excellent wellness results.

You ARE an Unlimited being.

Zale became aware of his capabilities as an unlimited being at the age of 12 when he found himself viewing his body from a top corner of his bedroom. His body was experiencing double pneumonia which was uncomfortable. He decided to explore the situation presented and discovered that he could travel as a soul to various locations on the planet. He also realized that he had a choice to make. He could just leave the body and let it die or he could begin to understand its needs and provide them. He continues to learn and share ways of utilizing the body and approaching balance in his life.

The term Wellness Engineer was given to him by fellow engineers as he shared useful information that helped them balance their life situation..

Zale has studied electronics first in trade school as a technician and then in various universities. He has a BS, MBA and PhD. He received a Regular Army commission as an Ordnance Missle Officer and has worded for IBM and varous engineering companies primarily as a Control and Instrumentation Engineer. After 911 he stopped traveling to the far east and concnentrated on applying the many wisdoms he had gained to that point in his life. He noticed that to the extent that he could operate in the moment based on the current situation, balance was more readily optained.