Zale Atley uses the wisdom he has gained over the past 75 years to help others on their life journey. He is still learning so welcomes what you have to share. WE (Wellness Engineer) is here so all of us can become more aware and share our experiences.


Since 1993

Each of us is an Unlimited being.

Zale became aware of his capabilities as an unlimited being at the age of 12 when he found himself viewing his body from a top corner of his bedroom. His body was experiencing double pneumonia which was uncomfortable. He decided to explore the situation presented and discovered that as a soul he could be at various places on the planet. He also realized that he had a choice to make. He could just leave the body and let it die or he could begin to understand its needs and provide them. He continues to learn and share ways of utilizing the body and approaching balance in his life.

The term Wellness Engineer was given to him by fellow engineers as he shared useful information that helped them balance their life situation..

Zale has formally studied small energies first in trade school as an electronic technician and then an electronic engineer in various universities. He has a BS, MBA and PhD. He received a Regular Army Commission as an Ordnance Officer and served from 1956 to 1959 in Alaska. He worked for IBM for 10 years where one of his job descriptions was Sensor Based Systems Engineer. His career until 911 involved Control Systems and Instrumentation Engineering working for and consulting with engineering companies. After 911 he stopped traveling to the far east and concentrated on applying the wisdom he had gained to that point in life by balancing his life and educating others as they balance their lives.